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FosFlam 65

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FosFlam 65 is a low-smoke, flame-retardant Alkyl Aryl Phosphate Ester plasticizer with very low volatility, excellent low-temperature performance and good softening efficiency.
Typical Properties
Appearance:Clear, oily liquid
Molecular Weight:Proprietary
% Phosphorus:Proprietary
Acidity (meq/100 gm. Max.):0.20
Color (APHA) [max.]:200
% Moisture (KF in Methanol) max.:0.10
Odor Essentially:odorless
FosFlam 65 provides low viscosity, good viscosity stability and excellent high shear rheology, all very unusual for Phosphate Esters. These factors, in combination with its low volatility and resistance to extraction and migration, make FosFlam 65 a natural choice for reducing viscosity in high solids coatings and sealants.
FosFlam 65 is delivered in 200kg/drum. Special packages are available upon request.
Health and Safety
For more handling and toxicological information, consult the Addenda Chemical Material Safety Data Sheet.


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