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Charmax FS-BZMA

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Charmax FS-BZMA is a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly high-efficiency smoke suppressant. It is mainly used in the fields of rail transportation, cables and building materials that have strict requirements on flame retardancy and smoke density.
Typical indicator
Exterior White powder, no impurities
Average particle size ≤5.0
Specific gravity (25°C,g/ml) 3.36
Decomposition temperature 287°C
Moisture ≤2.0 (delivery does not reflect)
325 mesh sieve residue ≤0.50
Whiteness ≥96
Loss on ignition % (600°C) 22.5-24.5



Charmax FS-BZMA is a highly effective smoke suppressant that reduces the amount of smoke emitted by various materials. Mainly for various standards, the requirements for smoke suppression are very strict, such as GB8624, GB8627, GB8323; European standard EN45545, BS6853, DIN5510; American standard UL 910 and ASTM E-84, ASTM E662 standard.
Typical applications include communication cables, sheathing materials for vertical wiring cables, PVC wall panels and pipes for construction, automotive and furniture leather cushions, and interior trim for subways, high-speed rail and aircraft.
The standard package is a 50 lb (22.7KG) bag or cardboard drum.
Health and safety
It is recommended to use the correct protective equipment to avoid excessive exposure of the product. Wash thoroughly after use. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and avoid storing it with incompatible materials. For more information on use and toxicity, please refer to the MSDS of the Polymer Additives Group.


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