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Charmax Z60S

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Environmentally friendly composite flame retardant
Charmax Z60S is a new inorganic environmentally friendly antimony trioxide substitute. The product plays an efficient role in delaying the flame spread rate, reducing the amount of smoke generated, and reducing the amount of toxicity released. The main mechanism is to cover the air on the surface of the polymer material, which can promote the carbonization reaction, lower the temperature of the combustion system, and capture the free HO. and H. in the gas phase during the combustion process, thereby suppressing combustion.



Typical indicator


Exterior White powder, no impurities, no agglomeration

Particle size (D50/μm)

Moisture (wt%) ≤0.50
325 mesh sieve residue (wt%) ≤0.5



Charmax Z60S is mainly used in PVC, CR and CSM systems. It can completely replace antimony trioxide at different plasticizer ratios, achieving equivalent flame retardant requirements, such as VW-1, oxygen index, UL94 V-0, NFPA701, GB8410. And FMVSS 302.
The standard package is 25kg/bag.
Health and safety
It is recommended to use the correct protective equipment to avoid excessive exposure of the product. Wash thoroughly after use. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and avoid storing it with incompatible materials. For more information on the use and toxicity, please refer to the MSDS of Guangzhou Edenda Chemical Co., Ltd.


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