01、Flame retardant


PAG produces a variety of Flame Retardant additives that use different mechanisms to eliminate or reduce a fire. This is accomplished by removing or reducing heat, fuel or oxygen. There are three different phases to attack a fire – Gas/Vapor phase (smothers the flame), Char formation/Condensation phase(reduces / eliminates the fuel by a char cover), and Endothermic reaction (where water comes off and squelches the flame) which provides precious time to escape the fire. The Charmax FR line is mainly focused on the Vapor phase, the Charmax NH product series focuses on Char formation and the Hydrax and Hydramax series operate in the Endothermic area.

Flame retardant
Smoke suppressant

02、Smoke suppressant


PAG's smoke suppressant mainly includes Charmax LS and Charmax FS series. Charmax FS is mainly used for smoke suppression and flame retardant. This series of products is a molybdate-based solution that reduces smoke generation and allows products to pass rigorous testing requirements.



We specialize in the production of special additives. In the field of polymers, we provide high-efficiency smoke suppressants and special-specified flame retardants to reduce the burning of materials.

the amount. Addenda has advanced flame retardant laboratories in China, and we offer customized flame retardant and smoke suppression solutions and specialized testing services.


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