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Ball mill anode package

Ball milling process
With the impact force, friction force and shearing force of the ball, it is possible to disperse a plurality of materials having different particle sizes and hydrophilicities.
The addBatt series of negative expansion agents are produced by a unique ball milling process, which effectively solves the disadvantages of poor hydrophilicity and dispersibility of materials when carbon black or barium sulfate is added separately.
Advantages of using a ball milling process
Ball milling process Simple mixing
Hydrophilic Vegetable water
Uniform weight Different proportions
Good material flow Poor material flow
Uniform distribution of materials Uneven material distribution


Ball mill anode package



The addiBatt expansion agent of the ball milling process effectively improves the consistency and dispersibility of the anode material in the paste, which helps to improve the consistency and stability of the battery.
The addiBatt additive package series products are made of high-purity carbon materials, barium sulfate, and various organic compounds. The ball-milling process can effectively control the crystal structure of the negative active material.
addiBatt negative expansion agent has better uniformity than simple mixing process

普通混合,硫酸钡与炭黑分布不均匀   addiBatt产品,分布均匀



addiBatt is applied to the negative plate of electric bicycle battery


普通混合,硫酸铅颗粒大   addiBatt产品,硫酸铅颗粒小



Application specification
Start battery addiBatt SLI series
Power Battery addiBatt EB /EV/ET series
Energy storage / communication battery addiBatt IND series


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