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Charmax FS-10

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Charmax FS-10 is a molybdenum non-toxic environmentally friendly smoke suppressant and flame retardant.
Typical indicator
Exterior White powder, no impurities, no agglomeration
Particle size (D50/μm) ≤5
325 mesh sieve residue (wt%) ≤0.5%
Moisture (wt%) ≤2.0 (COA does not reflect)



Charmax FS-10 is a highly effective smoke suppressant and flame retardant synergist for PVC, polyolefin, epoxy and low temperature PA. In addition, in a halogen-free or halogen-containing flame retardant system, it is also possible to partially replace antimony trioxide and magnesium hydroxide or aluminum hydroxide. Charmax FS-10 can meet the smoke and flame retardant standards of ASTM-84,UL-94,ASTM-E 662,ASTM D3843 and NFPA 263.
The standard package is a 50 lb (22.7KG) bag or cardboard drum.
Health and safety
It is recommended to use the correct protective equipment to avoid excessive exposure of the product. Wash thoroughly after use. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and avoid storing it with incompatible materials. For more information on use and toxicity, please refer to the MSDS of the Polymer Additives Group.


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