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Charamx FS XC-103B

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Charmax® FS XC-103B is a non-toxic flame retardant/smoke suppressant composed of a proprietary blend of additives, designed specifically to enhance char performance, in both vertical and horizontal flame / smoke tests. Charmax® FS XC-103B is well suited for use in halogenated polymers, such as PVC and CPE; as well as, any thermoplastic using halogenated flame retardants and antimony oxide.
CAS Reg. Number: [Proprietary]
Typical Properties
Appearance:Fine Little Gray Powder 
Specific Gravity:2-4
Particle Size, d50, (CILAS laser):7-10 microns 
Decomposition temperature:> 280 °C 
Charmax® FS XC-103B is designed to provide an extra boost of flame retardancy and char formation with reduced levels of smoke. It is particularly effective enhancing char formation to prevent reignition of the polymer substrate in a wide range of smoke and flammability tests such as ASTM E-84, NFPA-701 and all UL related wire and cable test standards. Charmax® FS XC-103B typically is added at a low level; < 5 % by weight, to existing FR formulations to achieve the desired performance.
Standard packaging is 15kg/bag. Special packages are available on request.
Health and Safety 
The use of proper protective equipment is recommended. Excess exposure to the product should be avoided. Wash thoroughly after handling. Store the product in a cool dry, well ventilated area away from incompatible materials.For additional handling and toxicological information, consult the Addenda Chemical Material Safety Data Sheet.


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